It's your turn.

A project for new encounters in Wuppertal.

We invite all interested people to try themselves out as Chess Mate/s. Come by!

Next dates will be announced soon. Chess Mate/s will continue in October 2022!

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What is Chess Mate/s?

The game of chess. A boundless form of dialogue. A language of its own, played out on a few square centimeters. It is full of possibilities of all kinds of social interaction.

Ideal for getting to know fellow human beings on a playful level in a relaxed atmosphere. Even without prior knowledge – beginners and spectators are expressly welcome.

Why chess?

For centuries, this ancient game has thrilled people all over the world, and it has lost none of its fascination up to this day. Having come to Europe from India via Persia and the Arab world, chess has become a global language. From East to West, players can be seen sitting on park benches or in cafés, deeply immersed in conversation on a simple checkered board. Not only since the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” and the corona-induced lockdown has chess become socially acceptable in a wide variety of age groups and social milieus.

We would like to use chess – for new encounters in our city.

Save the date/s!

Thank you for a wonderful summer with six Sundays full of chess and new encounters!

We will continue in October 2022. Further dates will be announced soon.

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We are Chess Mates

We are Julia and Michelle, two students of the master program Public Interest Design at the University of Wuppertal. In this context we have initiated the project Chess Mate/s together. Julia has been playing chess for about one and a half years and her enthusiasm for it has also infected Michelle, who has been playing chess for about two months now.

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Any questions?

A project in cooperation with the Wuppertal Municipal Integration Centre, the Master’s programme in Public Interest Design at the University of Wuppertal, cultural office Wuppertal, LOCH Wuppertal and with the support of ClimAid, Wuppertalbewegung e.V., Café Tacheles the editorial office Geis.